Number of Severed Verizon Lines Has Increased Since Strike Began

EAST AMHERST, N.Y. — A spokesperson for Verizon says the number of severed cables and cut fiber optic lines have increased dramatically across the Northeast since union workers started picketing on August 7th, 2011.

An East Amherst viewer contacted our tipline to say that Verizon workers were repairing 3 cut lines in the New Road area.  Verizon confirmed that 3 lines were “sabatoged” causing customers in the area to lose Verizon Fios service for hours.

Verizon spokesperson, John Bonomo, tells Channel 2 that from February 2011 through Julyl 2011, only 46 incidents of sabatoge were recorded.  Since CWA Union Members started picketing, that number has increased to 176 incidents across the Northeast.

Bonomo was quick to point out that Verizon is not pointing the finger at the union members but that Verizon is working with local members of law enforcement to figure out who cut the lines.  Bonomo says in all cases, lines were deliberately cut and were not damaged by car accidents or weather.

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