KESC employees go on unannounced strike against non-payment salarie

KARACHI: The employees of Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) once again staged unannounced strike on Thursday against non-payment of pays since past three months.

The electricity crisis in the city has intensified as the employees refused to do all the electricity renovation tasks of the city. Electricity crisis initiated a clash between law enforcement agencies and residents of Liqat Aabad, rangers have to open fire for dispersing the protesting masses.

According to details, pays on the name of Eid package were announced in a meeting in the Governor House for the employees who did not perform their duties for 3 months in sense of unity with the surplus employees of KESC.

However, this remained an unfulfilled promise even after 3 weeks, after waiting panic has hit the non-paid employees and they have once again have started unannounced strike for claiming their pays.

These employees have refused to fix all electricity faults in the city in order to record their protest. The electricity faults have been prolonged in the areas of Defense, Landhri, Nister Road Graden, Sarjani Town and various other areas, these faults include PMT faults, cable faults and broken wires. Water shortage has hits these areas due to long hours of electricity suspension.

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