Protests as teacher dies after arrest

Protests broke out on Wednesday after the death of a teacher his family said was tortured by police.

Residents, students and teachers took to Kiambu town’s streets after the family of the secondary school teacher accused police officers of causing his death.

The relatives said Mr John Muturi Kamau, 47, who was a chemistry and biology teacher at Loreto Girls’ Secondary School in Kiambu was arrested on Sunday night on his way home.

According to his brother, Mr Kamau Terisia, the police detained him the whole night, but after his release, he complained of limb and lower abdomen pains, saying that police had beaten him.
Pick up his car

“I spoke to him on Saturday night and he did not have any problem. On Monday morning, his colleague called and informed me that my brother had been arrested and was unwell after his ordeal in the police cells,” Mr Kamau said.

Mr Stanley Mwangi, a colleague, said that when he was arrested, Mr Muturi called him and asked him to pick up his car at the scene and meet him at the police station.

“I arrived at the police station around half past midnight and found him okay. I pleaded with the police officers to set him free, but they refused, saying they would only do so in the morning,” Mr Mwangi narrated.

He said he went back to the station at 6am and found his friend feeling unwell, saying he had difficulty walking.

“I took him to Kiambu Hospital where he was referred to Kenyatta National Hospital. There he died while undergoing treatment,” Mr Mwangi narrated.

The family says doctors told them he had internal injuries.

The incident sparked protests among residents and teachers and students at Lereto School.

They marched to Kiambu Police Station, demanding an explanation.

“It is clear that the teacher was arrested a healthy man, but was released a dying man due to the torture he underwent at the hands of police.

“We demand a quick and thorough investigation and action to be taken against the culprits,” Mr Clement Gicharu, the KiambuKenya National Union of Teachers executive secretary, said.

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