Egyptian ruling military council concerned about workers’ strikes

The official Facebook page of the Egyptian Cabinet posted on Wednesday a statement made by ruling military council member Sami Enan calling for a reconsideration of sit-ins as a protest tactic.

By blocking roads and halting production and government work, Enan says, sit-ins exaccerbate existing economic and social problems.

Enan’s statement was made at a meeting between him and several political figures. Topics discussed at the meeting also tackled the coming elections and the military’s handing over of power.

Sami Enan is the Egyptian Army’s chief-of-staff and is considered by many analysts to be the military council’s second-in-command after Field Marshal Hussein Tantawy.

The Cabinet’s highlighting of Enan’s statement comes on the same day that railroad workers held a sit-in in four different governorates to demand fair salaries.

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