Teenagers arrested after Southsea house party gets out of hand

ARRESTS were made last night as up to 100 young people caused trouble in Fratton and Southsea – some of them chanting: ‘We’re going to riot’.

Police said six people were arrested for criminal damage and public order offences following the disturbances in the Fratton Road and Victoria Road North areas.

It is believed around 50 teenagers at a house party in Margate Road, just off Victoria Road North, started to become rowdy at around 11pm last night.

Meanwhile more youngsters were seen heading down Fratton Road towards the scene of the party. Police said some were reported to have been chanting ‘We’re going to riot’.

Sara Bryce, 26, from Victoria Road North, witnessed the scene unfold from her bedroom window last night.

She said: ‘I was watching television when suddenly the dog went mad. I had a look out the window and saw literally loads of young people shouting pushing and fighting each other.

‘There was about 60 or 70 of them and they all looked quite young. They were walking right in the middle of the road and looked like they were drunk. It made me feel very nervous and I assumed it was a copycat of the riots that have been happening lately.’

One eyewitness, who didn’t want to be named, said: ‘There were a lot of young people coming through. Afterward I saw one woman sweeping up glass from the middle of the street. They were very raucous. I was quite worried for a while. You do get anxious when it is a whole load of people. But it all finished just after 11pm.’

Police sent out a Force Support Unit, Dog Unit and Roads Policing Unit as the teenagers gathered in a huge crowd in Victoria Road North.

Eyewitnesses in neighbouring homes included Tim Gordon, who sent The News a video of youths being confronted by police.

On Twitter, eyewitnesses posted comments about the incident. One, RobOMcfist, wrote: ‘It all kicked off in Fratton tonight. A teenage house party fell out on the streets in some sort of fight/carnage’.

Sergeant Tim Lucas of Charles Dickens Safer Neighbourhoods Team said: ‘It was some sort of house party. There was talk of about 100 kids causing problems.

‘We think it started in Fratton Road. We think they all moved down to Victoria Road North. A number of the group were reportedly shouting “we are going to riot”. Numerous resources were deployed from out of the city -the Force Support Unit, Roads Policing Unit and the dog unit.

‘The group was split into several smaller groups.’

During the violence at least one car was vandalised by the group.

There were no reported injuries and police say they are not linking the incident to recently reported riots across the UK.

In a statement released via Twitter, Hampshire Constabulary said: ‘From our logs it looks like a private party spilled out onto the street and a crowd of people were involved in some form of disorder. All available local officers attended, a number of people were arrested and the crowd dispersed quickly. A robust approach resolved the situation. Thanks for your patience if you were kept awake.’

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