Mzuni students strike

Some students at the Mzuzu University (Mzuni) in northern Malawi on Monday went on strike, demanding stationery allowance.

But the students union said the strike was illegal, arguing they did not sanction it.

The students refused to attend classes while others blocked the main gate, thus preventing vehicles from passing.

Vehicles belonging to vice-chancellor Dr Orton Msiska and registrar Reginald Mushani were blocked.

One of the students, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the stationery allowance issue has been dragging since September last year.

“When we went to Malawi Savings Bank [MSB], we were told that the memorandum of understanding between the bank and government does not include us. This is painful and we will do everything to have our money,” said the student.

Mzuni spokesperson Yonamu Ngwira said the striking students were those missed on the allowances.

Ngwira said Mzuni is engaging government on the possibility of helping the students.

Mzuni Students Union president Charles Kajoloweka said the strike did not have the blessing of the union.

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