Inmates protest, attempt ‘suicide’

KUWAIT: Security forces restored order at the deportation jail after backup police were called to subdue a mutiny carried out by eight inmates on Sunday night. The inmates – seven Egyptians and one Saudi – tied bed sheets together and used them as ropes to climb up the jail fence after clashing with the security. Early reports indicated that the inmates attempted suicide using the bed sheets as nooses.

An official release from the Ministry of Interior later confirmed that the inmates faked the suicide attempt after being outnumbered by special task forces who were called to reinstate law and order. Three ambulances arrived at the deportation jail minutes after the insurgency was reported, while other ambulances escorted special task forces who ensured control after the melee stirred a violent reaction from other inmates.

The Ministry of Interior said yesterday that the riot was a result of frustration. The deportees were aggravated that unfinished procedures pertaining to fines and travel ban orders delayed their departure from prison. “These orders are being looked into by the investigation authorities”, claimed a report, further explaining that the deportation division at the ministry’s General Department of Correctional Institutions doesn’t have any authority with regard to unfinished stipulations. “[The rioting] depor
tees’ demands are currently being studied to ensure that they do not stay for an extended period at the deportation center”, the statement read.


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