Riots in Bristol: Group claim responsibility for Evening Post attack

Police in Bristol are still trying to trace 26 suspects in connection with rioting on the streets of the city last week.

After a quiet weekend, more CCTV images of suspects were released over the weekend as officers continued their attempts to track down the people responsible for the disorder.

One arrest was made over the weekend, bringing the total arrested so far to 46. Some 19 people have been charged or cautioned for the disorder. Several have already appeared in court and more are expected to attend Bristol Magistrates’ Court this week.

Among those arrested was a woman suspected of taking part in the raid on Thomas Sabo jewellers in Cabot Circus in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Thousands of pounds worth of jewellery, watches and charms were taken.

Meanwhile, a group has claimed responsibility for attacking the Bristol Evening Post building on Thursday night.

About £20,000 of damage was caused, with windows smashed and paint daubed on the walls.

On the Bristol Indymedia website, a writer named ‘anonymous individuals’ said the attack had been carried out because “the media demonises those who choose to resist and fight back, opening the way for more repression again us all”.

“When the gloves come off and the social war has never been clearer, the class enemy reply on corporate media to be used as just another weapon against us all who want something better for our own lives and those yet to come,” the statement read.

The Bristol branch of the National Union of Journalists condemned the attack on journalists.

Paul Breeden, chair of Bristol NUJ, said: “The NUJ condemns any attack on journalists or the premises where they work. There is no justification for violence.

“If it emerges that the damage to the Post and Press building was connected to coverage of the riots, I hope that the law will take into account the importance of having a free press that is able to report on its community without persecution.

“Journalists from the Evening Post, from the BBC, from the website Bristol24-7 and elsewhere have been reporting on the recent disturbances sometimes in very difficult circumstances.

“Without them people would not have a picture of the events that have shocked our city and the nation. Journalists deserve public support – there is never any justification for attacking them or the premises from which they work.”

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