Inmates start riot in NM detention center

Some inmates at a New Mexico jail are responsible for starting a fire Saturday morning.

According to officials, the cause of the riot at McKinley County Detention Center is still under investigation, but said it was likely Moonshine that sparked the lockdown.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 was told four inmates either smuggled in contraband or made it inside the center.

McKinley County Commissioner David Dallago said that when it was discovered, two of the inmates set fire to some mattresses.

The fire forced officials to lockdown the detention center.

Investigators said the fire was quickly doused with a hand-held fire extinguisher, but smoke had already filled the facility.

According to Dallago, all of the inmates were compliant with the exception of the two inmates that started the fire.

“Most likely it was a homemade hooch…we call it…homemade liquor in the facility,” Dallago explained.

Officials said several inmates were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation but are all back in the facility.

The detention center is investigating the entire incident and expects to have a full report by Tuesday.

There is no word if the two men who started the fire will face any charges.

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