Tension Increases at Verizon Strike in Toms River

Picketers at the Verizon facility on Hooper Avenue and Walnut Street this morning tried to prevent workers from entering the facility around 6 a.m. as they walked the sidewalks surrounding the property, and one man got his foot run over among a heightened police presence.

As many as 60 people were at the location around 6 a.m. Wednesday as part of a work stoppage of Verizon landline workers that began Sunday, those at the scene said.

Greg Ferrara, a 15-year employee of Verizon employed at the Lakewood store, said that around 6 a.m., seven police vehicles were on the scene when supporters numbering more than 50 were walking the sidewalks surrounding the facility.

Ferrara said Joseph Warner, a central office technician for Verizon, was among picketers walking back and forth on the portions of the sidewalk at the parking lot entrance on the Walnut Street side of the property, when his foot was run over by a woman driving into the lot.

Verizon workers Patti Barrow and Terri Colver, told Toms River Patch this morning that they and other strikers continue to walk the sidewalks. They said police told picketers at 6 a.m. that they had to keep moving, and that after walking in front of the parking lot entrances for more than a minute, they’d have to let vehicles through.

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