Road workers to continue protest

BELGRADE — Dissatisfied workers of five Nibens Group road construction companies will continue their protests, demanding payment of overdue wages.
The Independent Union of Road Workers of Serbia has announced that the workers do not want to reveal how they would organize the protest since they were dispersed and prevented from blocking the Corridor 10 by police yesterday.

Workers of Nibens Groups’ companies Vranje, Niš, Kragujevac, Belgrade and Vojvodinaput Bačkaput will take part in the protests.

According to Serbia’s Infrastructure Ministry, the Nibens Group workers should get their overdue wages on Friday.

The workers went on strike on August 9, blocking traffic and construction works at the Corridor 10. Nibens Group’s accounts are blocked since the company owes about EUR 180mn. Most of the workers did not get their wages since March.

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