Taxi drivers in eastern China strike again – Xinhua

BEIJING Aug 9 (Reuters) – Hundreds of taxi drivers in the eastern province of Zhejiang protesting rising fuel prices and stagnant wages have gone on strike on Tuesday, just five days after taxi drivers in the provincial capital returned to work following similar disruptions, state news agency Xinhua said.

Over 200 of the 900 cabs in the city of Jiaxin in northern Zhejiang were on strike, Xinhua said, citing the drivers. Dozens of drivers parked their cabs near the city government.

In the province’s south, over 100 taxi drivers also struck Tuesday in Cangnan County of the city of Wenzhou, with dozens of them parking nearby the county government.

The Xinhua report said drivers are demanding higher wages as the cost of living and fuel prices have soared in the past few years, but their incomes have barely risen. Representatives of the striking drivers are currently in talks with authorities to work out a solution, Xinhua said, citing the drivers.

Tuesday’s strike comes as China said its annual inflation quickened to a higher-than-expected 6.5 percent in July, its highest mark since June 2008. .

About 1,500 disgruntled taxi drivers in Hangzhou went on strike for three days last week, according to state media. .

In response to the strike, Hangzhou’s city government pledged to hike cab fares by the end of October and provide cab drivers temporary subsidies, which many drivers had dismissed it as too little and too late.


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