REDBRIDGE: Police stations to close doors over riot concerns

AN EMAIL leaked to the Guardian, reveals that stations across Redbridge will be closed to the public while concerns remain about the safety of police officers because of rioting in the capital.

The email sent by the Bridge Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “We have been asked to contact key members of the community and ask for any information indicating heightened tension or the possibility of unrest.

“This is due to the heightened tension in the surrounding areas of London.“

Crucially, the email goes on to say: “Due to staff extractions and concerns about the security of remote sites, Ilford Police Station is the only front counter in the borough that will remain open to the public.”

A spokeswoman for Redbridge Police was unable to confirm the temporary closures.

She said: “At the moment we are trying to man up the offices with two people at the desk.

“If we do not have two people we can put at a desk, then stations may well have to close.

“We are manning up as a safety precaution.”


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