Fears grow over possible third night of London riots on Monday

As the clean-up operation continues in Tottenham, Enfield, Brixton and other parts of London affected by the weekend’s riots, the big question is: will there be more violence?

There will undoubtedly be a heavy police presence near any potential troublespots on Monday night and, most likely, for the rest of the week. And many people seem to be hoping that the thieves, looters and hooligans will be too tired to mount a third night of attacks. But the possibility of more violence can’t be discounted.

With Sunday’s revelation that BBM (Blackberry Messaging) services are being used by rioters to coordinate and plan their activities, many people have inevitably been scanning for any hint of trouble building for tonight. There are already unconfirmed reports of up to six locations having been identified for possible gatherings and violence. Those locations are not being revealed by the media, for fear of ‘fanning the flames’ and encouraging more people to join in.

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