‘Shoplifters’ drown after fleeing guard

A 16-year-old girl and middle-aged woman in the US were swept to their deaths after running into a creek to escape a security guard, who was chasing them for allegedly shoplifting.

The body of North Carolina girl Rianna Johnson washed up on the banks of the creek yesterday afternoon, not far from where she was last seen fleeing a clothing store.

Her alleged accomplice, 43-year-old Gracie O’Neill, was found dead a day earlier, after the pair slid down an embankment and into the water while being pursued.

The women were swept away after the water suddenly surged.

Charlotte Fire Captain Rob Brisley said the creek was usually easy to cross, but recent heavy rain had swollen the water to a depth of over four metres.

A third person who was with the pair was detained by security guards.

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