‘Rage Revolution’ slams police, military in Tahrir

The military police and riot police reportedly used force to break up a Ramadan iftar in Tahrir on Friday.
The ‘Rage Revolution’ page on the social networking site Facebook said that it was the third time in a week that the military police had used “excessive force and violence against peaceful demonstrators”.
It considered what happened on Friday after a collective iftar “for no clear reason” to be a blatant and scandalous aggression on freedoms”.
Activists on the page called on all “revolutionaries, political powers and the masses to take part in demonstrations next Friday to protest the continuous aggression”, after they had decided earlier to suspend their protests in the holy fasting month of Ramadan.
On Friday, activists and families were taking part in the iftar, which breaks the daytime fast during Ramadan.
“We were about 150 people, gathered near Omar Makram Mosque, when military police with batons dispersed us and started hitting us,” one of the participants, Ahmed Fares, told AFP.
“After the iftar, some people started calling for the hanging of [ousted president Hosni] Mubarak. The police charged us with batons, forcing us to run away down into the Metro station,” said activist Ahmed Naim.,%20military%20in%20Tahrir

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