Fresh walkout at Rautaruuki plant

Production of steel at the Rautaruuki plant in Raahe has ground to a halt due to strike action. The latest stoppage started at 6 a.m. this morning and is in protest against the abuse of Polish labour involved in repair work at the plant.

According to a shop steward at Rautaruuki, the company suspected of using cheap labour, Beroa, has still not given assurances that the Polish workers have been paid.

The Finnish Construction Trade Union is also considering a boycott of Beroa. Deputy Shop Steward Timo Mäkinen, says the company has not given assurances that 60 percent of the Polish workers’ salaries would be paid by Thursday morning.

According to both the union and Rautaruuki employees, Beroa has admitted contravening both the agreement on wages and conditions as well as laws governing working hours.

Beroa has denied the claims and says early payment of salaries is unjustified. A statement issued by a company representative issued on Wednesday says the company has presented documents related to salary payments and working hours.

The company says it will pay salaries as usual on August, 10. A further statement, it says, will be issued later on Thursday.

Rautaruuki has passed no comment only to note that it considers the walkout to be illegal.

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