Woman ejected from her stall threatens suicide

A young woman who threatened to set herself on fire as a mark of protest against the authorities depriving her of the ownership of a stall in the Kahawatta public market was taken into custody.

The woman who shut the main gate of the first floor and stood with a can of petrol and a cigarette lighter in hand had warned that she would set herself on fire if anyone attempted to open the gate and enter the market.

She said she had been running a business in the public market for more than 20 years, but that recently the Kahawatta Pradeshiya Sabha had illegally ejected her from her stall.

The Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council Member, Nilantha Jayakoday and the Chairman of the Pradeshiya Sabha, Vajira Silva who visited the scene promised her relief, but she did not agree to their offer. Her response compelled the police to reach the third floor of the building by means of a ladder and to descend to the first floor and arrest her.

The Pradeshiya Sabha chairman said the woman concerned was ejected for running into arrears of rent for a long time, but said he was prepared to help her.


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