Postponement of the hearing of the four strikers of the HUEH

Sonel Jean François, the Government Commissioner, who had summoned to the Prosecutor office of Port-au-Prince, yersterday Thursday 28, Charles Toussaint [Secretary to the claim in the Union], Milot Levy Felix, Serge Castor and Lucson Durandisse all four accused by the authorities of the State University Hospital of Haiti (HUEH) of criminal association and to have dumped garbage and medical waste within the enclosure of the health facility, has postponed their appearance to the date of Monday August, 1st.

Charles Toussaint, categorically denied the accusations, saying that the strikers had nothing to do with the medical waste thrown into the institution. He recalled that staff members have signed a petition [814 signatures] to ask, among other things, the departure of some members of the management [including Dr. Alix Lassègue, Executive Director of the HUEH and Marlène Thompson, Administrator of the hospital] adding that the petitioners are ready to support Monday the four people convened by the Government Commissioner, if necessary.

“Our protest movement will continue until the satisfaction of our demands” has declared firmly Charles Toussaint, noting that the strike is part of their desire to see the patients treated in the best conditions…

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