Police plead with Moruga residents: Let us do our job

DEPUTY Commissioner of Police Mervyn Richardson yesterday pleaded with residents of St Mary’s Village, Moruga, to stop their protest action and allow the police to conduct their investigations into the killings of Abigail Johnson, Allana Duncan and Kerron Eccles.

The community has been rocked by fiery protest action in which residents have faced-off with riot police, blocking several roads in the area. They have demanded that head of the Homicide Investigations Bureau Snr Supt Donald Denoon, who was appointed to lead the investigations into the police killings, be removed from the case since he may know the officers involved.

Denoon, before being recently appointed to head the Homicide Bureau, worked in the Southern Division as a Superintendent and acting Snr Supt. He was also a Superintendent at the Region III Homicide Investigations Bureau in San Fernando and, for most of his years in the Service, Denoon worked in the Southern Division.

Richardson, responding to the concerns raised by the residents regarding Denoon’s appointment to the case, said Denoon will continue to probe the killings, but will be supervised by ACP Raymond Craig.

Speaking with the Express at the Police Administration Building yesterday following an Emancipation Day function, Richardson said, “The investigation is continuing at an advanced stage and Snr Supt Denoon of the Homicide Bureau has been detailed to conduct investigations into the triple homicide, and Mr Denoon will now be supervised by Assistant Commissioner of Police (Raymond) Craig, who heads the Professional Standards Branch, is now overall in charge of the investigations.

“We at the executive level will like this probe to be completed at the earliest possible stage. Mr Craig has his instructions and I give the assurance as soon as all the evidence has been gathered together, this matter will be brought to conclusion,” Richardson said.

Richardson said the probe should not take more than two weeks to be completed.

“I would like to plead with the residents to please take it down. We want to do our investigation in an unhindered and professional manner. I ask the residents to give us the chance, the opportunity, to prove ourselves so we would have an objective investigation and that I’m certain that no stone will be left unturned to uncover the evidence, the truthfulness of what really happened and whatever comes out of it, then we will deal with it,” Richardson said. See Page 4.

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