Sohar activist refuses food under detention

Muscat: One of the two activists from Sohar, arrested again for blocking traffic and disturbing public life during protest march last Friday, has reportedly not eaten anything for the last three days in detention, revealed Ismail Al Muqbali, one of the activists from Sohar.

Al Muqbali told Gulf News that he met Ali Bakhit Al Badi outside Public Prosecutor’s office in Qurum on Tuesday in anticipation of latter’s release.

“He (Ali AL Badi) called me to come to prosecutor’s office to sign surety for his release and first thing he asked me was to get some food as he was famished,” Al Muqbali said.

Al Badi was brought by security personal to the Public Prosecutor’s office for his release.

“I signed papers at the prosecutor’s office and they took all my details, including my ID card,” he said, adding that papers were signed to guarantee Al Badi’s return whenever prosecutor’s office required his presence.

Release order

He said that he was even given an envelope that contained al Badi’s release order but was asked to wait until a final approval came from the Attorney General’s office.

However, Al Muqbali added that after more than 20 minute wait, he was informed that Al Badi would be held for three more days as per the orders from the Attorney General’s office in Al Khuwair.

“He looked miserable,” Al Muqbali said, adding that Al Badi had decided not to eat anything while in detention as a protest for his arrest.

Disturbing public life

Al Badi, who is already facing six-month jail sentence for blocking traffic and disturbing public life in Sohar, was picked up by the security agencies from his work place – Oman Methanol – after another protest march last Friday in Sohar.

“His family is worried that he may not get his job back as he had already spent 51 days in jail during his previous detention,” Al Muqbali said.

He added that Al Badi was not aware about the fresh detention of Khalfan Al Muqbali, who was first arrested for heading the ‘Dragon Gang’ in last March and is facing six-months in prison.

“Both are out as their sentence has been challenged by them and appeal court will hear them again,” Al Muqbali said. Al Muqbali said that Al Badi was treated well by security agencies.

“Even security personnel had come with Al Badi in anticipation of a release order but since the order was withdrawn.

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