GT Road blocked to protest custodial death

AROUND 50 relatives of Ijaz, who was arrested by Baghbanpura Police in June and died on July 22 in the Services Hospital, staged a protest outside the Baghbanpura Police Station and kept the GT Road blocked for about an hour on Tuesday.

The protestors raised slogans against Baghbanpura police and held them responsible for the death of Ijaz. The protestors claimed that the police during illegal custody badly tortured him due to which his kidneys stopped working.

Shahbaz, a brother of Ijaz, told the media that Baghbanpura police had arrested his brother on June 2, accusing him of being involved in a robbery. He claimed that on June 2, an ASI of the police had taken Ijaz in his custody for identification parade. He further said that Baghbapura police had kept Ijaz in their illegal custody for more than 13 days and subjected him to severe torture due to which his kidneys failed.

Shahbaz said that policemen, on seeing his brothers’ deteriorating condition, took him to different doctors but doctors refused to treat him. He claimed that later, police involved his brother in a fake case of carrying weapon and presented him in court which sent Ijaz on judicial remand. He said Ijaz went critical in jail after which the jail officials rushed him to the Services Hospital where he died of his injuries. The victim’s brother said that in fact, Ijaz had contracted a love marriage with a local woman whom he divorced later over domestic issues. He claimed that Yaseen, brother of Ijaz’s ex-wife, had nursed a grudge against him over divorce and he, with the help of an ASI of Baghbanpura police, planned to torture him. He said Yaseen and an ASI kept Ijaz detained in a private torture cell located near Jallo Morr where they subjected him to severe torture. He said the family had also filed a writ petition in the high court against Baghbanpura Police.

Meanwhile, DSP Baghbanpura Asim Kamboh reached Baghbanpura Police Station after hearing about the protest and requested the protestors to clear the road. Protestors filed a complaint with the DSP and on his assurance about justice ended the protest. DSP Asim Kamboh told the reporters that he had received complaint formally and would investigate it. He said that if anyone was found guilty during the course of investigation, he would be dealt according to the law.

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