Young refugees sew their lips shut

THREE young asylum seekers have sewn their lips together in a protest at the Broadmeadow Detention Centre in Melbourne, according to the Refugee Action Collective.

The collective says the three boys are unaccompanied minors from Kuwait, Iran and Iraq.

The collective claims the trio have been detained for up to 11 months.

“They are desperate and need immediate medical care and support,” said collective spokeswoman Daniella Olea.

“This news of self-mutilation was very hard to see and hear.”

She believed the boys, who sewed their lips shut over the weekend, have seen a doctor outside the centre and have had the stitches removed.

“These are children that have already gone through enough in their homeland and getting here,” Ms Olea said.

“They are already traumatised and we are destroying them even more by locking them up indefinitely without knowing when they will be released.”

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