Facebook campaign calls for general strike in Israel on August 1

Could Israel shut down on August 1, for reasons unconnected to the Histadrut labor federation? It could, if the success of the Facebook page that launched the cottage cheese boycott is anything to judge by.

A new group on Facebook is calling for a general strike on Monday, August 1. Formed on Sunday, the group already has 4,200 members pledging to participate. “I am 36, married, with a son one and a quarter years old,” writes founder Zvika Basor.
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“I bought an apartment in Givatayim with a crazy 30-year mortgage. Next Monday, August 1, I don’t mean to go to work. I shall strike. I mean to strike because I’ve had it. I can’t keep going on, going to work as though all were well, as though if I work hard I will be able to give myself and my family a respectable life,” writes Basor.

“There is no middle class. There is the uppermost one-thousandth of a percent raking in all the money and there are all the rest, who are suffocating. That’s the system. That’s the economy,” he adds.


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