11 arrested in mass-housing protests in Jerusalem

Protests over lack of affordable housing stretched into the 11th day on Monday morning, as approximately 100 young people protested outside the Knesset, resulting in 11 arrests.

Demonstrators attempted to build a brick wall across the entrance road to the Knesset to represent the “impenetrability” of the government, and to block access to a Knesset discussion about a reform to the housing law.

Five demonstrators were arrested when they attempted to block traffic, and police used force to disperse the demonstration.

One police officer was injured in the protest and was evacuated to Sha’are Tzedek hospital. The brick wall was about three rows high when police destroyed it.

Meanwhile, two large protests also took place at Kikar Paris, in front of the prime minister’s house. In the afternoon, dozens of demonstrators tried to block traffic by lying down in the middle of the road. Police used force to disperse them and arrested eight protesters for disturbing the peace.

In the evening, dozens of protesters again gathered in front of the prime minister’s house to denounce soaring housing prices. TK demonstrators were arrested.

Demonstrators also blocked roads in Tel Aviv, Haifa and other areas. In some cases, the protesters left the roads on their own initiative, while in others, police cleared the activists.

Police cleared a group of 10 demonstrators in Haifa’s Merkaz Hacarmel area, and stationed patrol cars in the vicinity.

In Jerusalem, one demonstrator was detained after she arrived at the demonstration with more bricks and emptied them across the road. The demonstration broke up after the students moved to Gan HaSus (Horse Park) on King George Street in downtown Jerusalem, where they are setting up a permanent camp until there are “significant changes” to the housing market, said demonstrators.

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