Jordan- CABLECO workers’ strike enters fourth day

(MENAFN – Jordan Times) National Cable and Wire Manufacturing Company (CABLECO) workers continued their strike for the fourth day demanding improved working conditions.

Some 200 workers began the strike last week, calling for higher salaries and cost of living allowances and enhancing their health insurance coverage.

Yesterday, the striking workers prevented their Indian colleagues from entering the factory and went to their residences to threaten them, according to the CABLECO General Manager Mohammed Aref.

But Ali Hadid, president of the Electricity Workers Union (EWU) claimed this did not happen.

“They prevented the Indian workers, who number around 25-30, from entering the factory, but they did not threaten them at all,” he told The Jordan Times over the phone yesterday, stressing that the strike is peaceful.

Aref explained that CABLECO will not accept the strikers’ demands since the company faces financial hardships on account of the fierce competition with other firms.

“Two years ago, the company’s market share was 70 per cent, but last year our sales dropped by 30 per cent,” he pointed out.

Describing the workers’ request as “unreasonable”, Aref noted that the strikers’ demands will cost them JD500,000 annually.

“Workers’ expenses in terms of their salaries and the lunch we provide them costs us JD1,000,000 a year,” he told The Jordan Times yesterday.

Aref said last year’s profits of JD807,000 are not enough to meet the workers’ demands as the board of directors will not agree to slashing profits by more than 50 per cent.

Hadid emphasised that the workers will continue their strike until the company meets their demands.

But Aref said the case will be referred to the labour court if the two parties do not reach an agreement.

“I will present all the details to the court and the company will accept the court’s judgment,” he added.

The Ministry of Labour has held several meetings with the CABLECO management and the EWU, but they failed to resolve the dispute so far, according to Hadid.

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