Gridlocks as KESC employees continue sit-in

KARACHI – Massive traffic jam was reported during the second day sit-in protest of CBA union of KESC at Fawara Chawk, near the Governor House, on Saturday.
The rescue services were also badly affected and commuters were stuck for hours due to blockage of roads by the corporation’s protesting employees.
According to detail, the ongoing rift between KESC administration and CBA union has entered into 73 days that hampered the citizens of metropolis in current wave of summer.
The settlers of city are affected the most as they face unannounced, prolonged and indefinite outages of electricity.
The protesters shouted slogans against KESC administration and the government.
During the protest and sit-in, the commuters faced immense problems to reach their destinations.
Massive traffic jams were reported at MA Jinnah Road, Zainab Market, Metro Pole Road, Sharah-e-Faisal and other adjoining areas of the city.
The protesters were demanding fulfilment of their demands otherwise they would continue their sit-in protest.
The ambulance services were badly affected due to massive traffic jam as they faced difficulties to take the patients to hospitals.
It may be noted that KESC administration had offered the Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) to the employees but most of the employees showed serious concern over VSS scheme and majority of them were denial to avail VSS scheme.

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