Sanitary Landfill Workers Strike in Rethymno

Sanitary landfill workers have not been paid for the last five months. As a result they refused to work today, July 13th and say the Board of Sanitary is not in the position to fulfill its obligations.

Ten days ago, the company sent a warning to the Municipality of Rethymno reporting that if the Municipality was not going to pay its debt of €300.000, the company would not move to carry out its duties.

The authorities of Rethymno tried to overcome the bureaucratic process and obtain the money, which was blocked during the transfer, so as to settle the issue but no progress has been made.

The Kallikratis law that was recently applied by the government, states that before a contract is signed, a check by a Court of Auditors has to be made so as to decide if a contract is valid. This check has not been not completed yet, therefore the issue has not been resolved.


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