15 held for blocking N2 in protest

The N2 was closed for several hours this morning after a housing protest resulted in three accidents.

Cape Town police said 15 people had been arrested after barricading the N2 towards Cape Town, just before the Borcherds Quarry exit, with burning tyres.

“At this stage, I can confirm the arrest of 15 people for public violence,” Warrant Officer November Filander said.

About 60 people gathered at 5.30am to protest against poor service delivery and housing.

They were believed to have been from the Crossroads informal settlement near Cape Town International Airport. By about 8am the group had dispersed. Police were monitoring the area.

Cape Town traffic’s Merle Lourens said that because of the barricades, traffic had been diverted on to the R300. There had been three minor accidents.

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