Villagers block highway after a man dies in land dispute

A villager in east China’s Jiangxi Province tried to stop a construction project and was crushed to death by an excavator yesterday. The incident led hundreds of angry villagers to block a highway in protest.

Xie Shaochun, the victim in Maodian Township of Ganxian County, was killed when he tried to halt the construction on a plot the Jingda Mould Factory hoped to buy from local villagers, but the deal was not reached when the project started, local Gannan Daily reported today.

Xie’s death enraged local villagers. Several hundred of them barricaded the nearby State Highway 323 in protest, the report said.

The crowd dispersed early this morning after the excavator driver and the factory owner were detained by police.

Guanxian County government has set up a special team to handle the case.

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