Road workers stage protest outside government HQ

BELGRADE — Some 500 road construction workers of the Nibens Group staged a protest outside the government headquarters on Tuesday.
After they blocked Nemanjina St., their representatives were received by the government’s General Secretary Tamara Stojčević and officials of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development.

Workers of the companies Vranje, Niš, Kragujevac, Beograd, Bačkaput and Partizanski Put were backed by the their trades union in the demands to unfreeze the companies’ accounts, solve their problems, pay overdue salaries “and allow them to work”, said Tanjug in its report.

The leaders of the protest said they would stay outside the government headquarters until their demands were met, while the autonomous trade union announced earlier they would “address the EU for assistance”.

Nibens Group workers warned the authorities late June they would resort to radical action unless their demands were met.

The union stated the companies owed around EUR 110mn to banks and suppliers.

Nibens Group owner Milo Đurašković and seven other managers of the company were arrested in May on suspicion of stealing EUR 32mn from the Kragujevac-based FAM company.

A Bačkaput union representative also warned earlier on Tuesday that unless there was agreement to solve the problems with the government, the workers would move to block traffic on international Corridor 10.


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