Kazakh Prison Riot Kills At Least 7


(RTTNews) – At least seven people have been killed in violence at a prison in Karanganda city in northern Kazakhstan when inmates took charge of the jail on Monday, it is learnt.

Local reports said a 16-member gang comprising “members of an organized crime group,” wrested control of the prison early on Monday after opening fire on guards. One of the guards was killed and four others were wounded in the incident. Around 30 prison officials were also taken captive by inmates.

Following the stand-off, a Kazhakh army special forces unit launched an operation to regain control of the prison facility located in Balkash town.

According to a statement from the Kazakh Interior Ministry, six inmates were killed when a home-made bomb meant to blast a hole in the prison’s external wall went off. Interior Minister Talgat Akhmetov though said the prisoners did not make any demands and that they could be interested more in securing freedom.

Even though authorities had managed to retake most of the prison, they were facing stiff resistance from inmates holed up in barricaded buildings.

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