Angry Tahrir protesters to stage million man march this afternoon

In response to Egyptian interim Prime Minister Essam Sharaf’s latest statement and a brutal assault on seven protesters, the Tahrir Square demonstrators became more determined to stage a million man march today to voice anger and dissatisfaction.

Yesterday, Sharaf stressed that there will be a ministerial reshuffle and has drawn up a timetable to fulfill demands of the revolution. However, revolutionary forces were provoked by Sharaf failing to address either the much-debated military trials for civilians or the suspension of officers accused of killing January 25th protesters.

Today, seven protesters in Tahrir Square were seriously injured after being set upon and attacked by unknown thugs.

Under the name of “the Willing and Steadfast,” Tuesday’s massive march, which was called for days ago, will set off at 17:00 CLT in an attempt to stress the demands of the revolution and pile more pressure on the prime minister and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF).

The demonstrators are considering expanding their sit-in to the same end.

On the other hand, some protesters decided to open the health office at Mogamma, the largest governmental administrative building in Egypt, which has been shut down by demonstrators since Sunday.

Another debate among protesters was on whether or not to close the metro station in Tahrir Square, though that plan has been scrapped.

New security measures are currently being considered to avoid possible assaults in the future.

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