Scores Injured as Pro-Regime Forces, Thugs Attack Yemen Protest

Scores of antigovernment protesters were injured when the security forces and regime supporters intercepted a peaceful demonstration in Yemen’s western province of Hodeida on Sunday.

Local sources said that the pro-government forces and people intercepted the demonstration, which started the people’s square and headed to Sana’a Street, and attacked protesters with live bullets, teargas, batons, rocks and daggers.

At the beginning, the regime supporters attacked the protesters with rocks, batons and daggers and then the security forces fired live bullets and teargas at them, they said.

At least twenty protesters were seriously injured due to live bullets, beating and stones, and scores of others suffered teargas inhalation, they said.

The demonstrators took to the streets to reject international and regional interventions in Yemen chanting slogans refusing the U.S. and Saudi mandate.

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