Recent Political Repression in Montreal


emailed summery by a Canadian comrade extracted below:

“4 members of the RCP/PCR (ours, not the u.s. version) were arrested and their homes were searched last week (June 29), in connection to an assault on a cop at this year’s mayday demo. in what was perhaps a setup, several cops without body padding tried to arrest someone in the crowd and were allegedly beaten with 2x4s, one allegedly suffering a concussion.

it was initially reported that the arrests were carried out by the anti-gang squad, but in fact it would seem that the organized crime division established a red squad (or maybe a black-and-red squad?) over the past year or so called the GAMMA (Guet des activités et des mouvements marginaux et anarchistes – clunky literal translation:  Watching the activities of marginal and anarchist movements) in order to respond to escalating militancy at local anticapitalist demonstrations.  The GAMMA agents were accompanied by someone from the integrated national security unit. amongst the subjects the comrades were questioned about was a bombing of a recruitment center in Trois Rivieres (a city about two hours from Montreal) last summer just after the G20 in Toronto.

other than the arrests, it seems the pcr/rcp’s bookstore/headquarters has been under surveillance since the mayday demo, and one thing i heard through the grapevine is that visitors were being photographed.

consensus seems to be this is a fishing expedition. the pcr/rcp suggests the cops are partly responding to the pcr/rcp’s growth (they have recently broken out of french canada and now have some presence in ontario) and partly were pissed at getting roughed up on mayday.”







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