Army disperses Sokhna sit-in, Suez Canal sit-in continues

The military have dispersed a sit-in blocking the Sokhna ring road leading to the Suez port. As the protesters started erecting tents, the military warned them that force would be used if the road was not opened. This was followed by clashes between protesters and the military who arrested 25 people, Suez Youth Block activists told Ahram Online.

When the news reached the sit-in outside the Suez Canal headquarters, angry protesters tried to approach the canal “in an escalation aimed at relieving the pressure on their fellow protesters,” according to Yousef Dakak, member of the National Association for Change. “The military tried to stop us, however they did not use excessive force,” says Dakak. “We are currently surrounded by the military but they are not trying to break the sit-in.”

The protesters continue to grow in number as more people joined in response to the news that the Army was attempting to break up the sit-in. They are demanding the immediate release of those arrested in the Sokhna road sit-in.

Early this morning hundreds of angry protesters cut off the Sokhna ring road, preventing workers from more than 150 companies and factories from reaching work. The port workers were among those blocked.,-Suez-Canal-sitin-cont.aspx

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