Hague councillors criticise riot police violence


Four left-wing parties in The Hague city council have questioned the heavy-handed tactics of riot police during last week’s demonstrations against cuts. The Hague City Party, Socialist Party, Green Left and the Labour Party have submitted written questions to mayor Jozias van Aartsen.

The reason behind the questions was the police action during demonstrations on Monday last week against cuts in the culture sector. The matter was also raised after police and riot police used heavy handed tactics against protesting students.

The four parties want to know why riot police were deployed to end the protests, as there are strict rules governing this. In addition eye witness accounts describe anything but a smooth operation. They say protesters were intimidated and sworn at and the behaviour of the riot police was disproportionate. The four parties want to know why the demonstrations could not be handled with without the use of violence.

A spokesperson for the mayor says he will answer the questions in due course.

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