Dutch police arrest 67 squatters

Amsterdam police evicted seven squats on Tuesday. 67 of the 150 squatters and sympathisers arrested will remain in custody, according to a police spokesperson.

Riot police arrested a group that had been rounded up after barricading a squatter’s stronghold called Schijnheilig (Hypocritical) earlier in the day. ‘Hypocritical’ was used by the squatters as a cultural centre. According to local television news station AT5, many of the other squats were found to be empty when police arrived.

Seven people were arrested for acts of violence in a public place. They are accused of throwing bottles and other objects at riot police. The others are being kept in custody because they refuse to give their identity.

Squatting rights in the Netherlands were curtailed in 2009, when new legislation was introduced banning squats. Until then squatters were allowed to occupy buildings that had been vacant for at least one year.

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