CHP: Officers Attacked In Fourth Of July Melee

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department is describing a Fourth of July block party in Sacramento as a mini-riot.

The melee broke out on 28th Avenue and Anson Court just after 11 p.m. on Monday. Deputies said more than 150 people were involved and three people were arrested.

California Highway Patrol officials said it all started when two officers were responding to reports of illegal fireworks in the neighborhood.

Officers said when they got out of their patrol car, they were attacked with lighted illegal fireworks.

Sacramento Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Ramos described the fireworks as M-80s, equivalent to a quarter-stick of dynamite.

Investigators said beer bottles were also thrown at officers when they tried to get party-goers to leave.

CHP called in the Sheriff’s department and Sacramento Police Department as back up.

Deputies used a Taser gun on three people, and a total of three people were arrested, authorities said.

Elizabeth Asberry told KCRA 3 that her husband and two sons were unfairly arrested when they didn’t get in their house fast enough.

Asberry said her family faces charges for inciting a riot.

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