“The social rebellion will burst into violence”

This protest is the start of a broader and much more serious social rebellion. It is an expression of terrible anger that will burst out in violence,” the owner of a large consumer products factory told “Globes” today.

He added, “Bibi is a nice guy, he has created a free economy, flourishing, but the partners to this prosperity are the owners and a very thin socio-economic layer of talented and young people in senior positions in high-tech, in industry and in the banks. 50% of the population have sub-normal salaries and are not part of the celebrations.”

He continued, “In the end it will be like a bomb hitting our heads. We cannot carry on with 10% of the population living and 50% of the population earning the minimum wage plus a little. A democratic state will be here for many years only if there is a very strong middle class. There cannot be a polarization of the rich when most of the population has their heads in the ground. I’m hurting.”


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