Police to purchase Cobra armored vehicles for fight against terrorism

The National Police Department’s Special Operations Unit will purchase armored “Cobra” vehicles to combat terrorism more effectively. The Cobras, which allow for easy installation of heavy machine guns, will be sent to Turkey’s restive East and Southeast, where acts of terrorism are common.

The National Police Department plans to purchase 200 armored vehicles — which include Cobra, Scorpion, Shorland and riot control vehicles — throughout the year. The purchase of these vehicles will be made through the discretionary funds provided by the Prime Ministry.

Some 6,500 police officers serving across 54 provinces will, for the first time, use Cobras. Initially, 20 Cobras will be purchased. Each Cobra has the capacity to carry nine people.

Furthermore, for riot police working in the East and Southeast, armored buses will be purchased so that the transfer of policemen can be made safely. The buses will be shielded against bomb and gun attacks.

The National Police Department also plans to upgrade armored vehicles in its fleet. Two hundred armored vehicles owned by the National Police Department will be upgraded and strengthened against attacks.

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