Somalia: Kenyan Police Arrest 40 Somalis At Dhagahley Refugee Camp

Dhagahley — The Kenyan police have arrested at least 40 Somalis at Dhagahley refugee camp just north eastern Kenya, reports said Sunday.

The move against Somali refugees by Kenya police came days after deadly clash between police and Somalis that left two people died.

Reports emanating from Kenya suggested the police have demolished Somali owned small business stalls in the area in an attempt to open new roads in Dhagahley.

The arrested Somali refugees were taken into custody in Garissa just north eastern Kenya, according to witnesses.

Some refugees in the camp told Shabelle that a lot of Kenya military forces were deployed in the refugee camp and people there have expressed concern about the move of military deployment by Kenya.

In the last few days, tense was high after Kenyan police started destroying business stalls and a mosque and that brought about violent riot that killed at least two Somalis and wounded dozens more.

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