Officers accused of killing Suez protesters released on bail

Suez’s criminal court on Monday decided to release the police officers accused of killing ‎‎protesters during the January 25 Revolution on LE10,000 bail.  ‎

In what is becoming a recurrent scene, the families of the martyrs, angry at the court’s decision, attempted to break into the courthouse shortly after the verdict was returned. They clashed with security personnel in ‎the ‎process.‎

The police officers, some high-ranking, were indicted on charges of ‎‎deliberate manslaughter, having fired live rounds at peaceful demonstrators during the 18-day uprising.

The trial is set to resume on 14 September.

Over 1000 were killed during those 18 days which ended on 11 February with the ‎‎ouster of president Hosni Mubarak .‎


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