Load-shedding protests: 3 killed, 28 injured in Mianwali

MIANWALI: Three people were killed and 28 injured after police fired at protestors demonstrating against prolonged load-shedding in Mianwali, Express 24/7 reported on Monday.

Two of the injured are reported to be in critical condition. District Coordination Officer (DCO) Mianwali is also among the injured.

The protestors have also taken District Police Officer (DPO) Mianwali hostage and have locked him inside a house.

Earlier, residents of Pakka Ganjera area had started marching towards Chashma Power Plant, demanding that government reduce duration of load-shedding.

Police fired shells at protestors as they hurled stones during the demonstration.

All markets and business centres are closed and traffic has been suspended as a result of the protest.


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