Tainan City residents protest against galvanizing plant

Kaohsiung, July 3 (CNA) Hundreds of people gathered outside a steel plant in Tainan City Sunday, calling for the relocation of a newly constructed galvanizing factory in the southern city.

Holding placards and fresh vegetables and chanting slogans, the protesters asked to speak with the managers of Quintain Steel Co., Ltd., saying the plant should be moved from the agricultural Guantain District to an industrial area.

The demonstrators had marched along the Provincial Highway No.1 earlier in the day all the way to the plant to express concern over the environmental damage that they said could be caused by the galvanizing plant.

The plant is scheduled to begin operations in June 2012, producing 60,000 tonnes of galvanized iron wire annually.

One of the protest leaders, Chou Peng-chieh, said the plant was built right next to a residential area in an agricultural district, which could adversely affect living conditions and cause pollution of the agricultural fields and fish ponds in the area.

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