Shootout in Cairo

CAIRO – Prosecutors ordered a probe into an early morning clash between police and some masked gunmen, who opened fire at passers-by in Cairo’s Abooud inter-city Terminal Square that left hundreds of commuters scared, security source said.

An eyewitness said that a small police unit used live ammunition to disperse a group of unidentified young men, who started shooting at commuters with automatic rifles from a flyover near the terminal earlier in day.
The unrest, the sources said, started when the young men climbed into a footbridge and opened fire randomly at people below.
No one was injured in the attack, which targeted members of a small police unit that was in-charge of manning the terminal, the sources added.
The policemen had repelled the attackers and forced them to flee, they said, adding that the Cairo prosecutors had ordered police to launch a large-scale hunt for the gunmen.
Passers-by told the prosecutors that the incident started when a group of unidentified “armed thugs” attacked the police unit at the terminal with fire arms and the security men opened fire at them forcing them to flee.
They confirmed that no one was injured, or mini-bus damaged during the attack that lasted for few minutes and left hundreds of commutters scared, the sources said.

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