School closed after violent student strike

Bishop Luwum Memorial Secondary School in Kitgum District has been closed following a violent strike on Tuesday and all the students suspended indefinitely.

The students, who number about 150, burnt all the 10 temporary structures that used to house teachers but failed to set the library and laboratory on fire in the early morning strike following an intervention by the police.

The students accused the school’s administration of sabotaging their efforts to participate in a schools’ athletics meet held at YY Okot Memorial College even after being selected to compete.
They also accused their teachers of continuous absence from the school, a situation they claim has made them cover limited topics since the beginning of the academic calendar. The deputy head teacher, Mr Benjamin Okello, however, blamed the students for not engaging the school administration in dialogue to end their grievances.

“The school took recommendation of the training coaches who examined all the athletes and found that some could not even perform to bare minimum standard, so there was no need to take them,” Mr Okello said.

Cardinal reason
But some of the students said their anger was compounded by the teachers not teaching them some of the compulsory subjects like English and Biology. DPCNasur Oringa said the ringleaders of the strike would be punished when investigations are complete. Strikes in recent years have become common in schools.

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