Employees, citizens evacuating ministries amid unrest

Employees are evacuating the Interior and Justice ministries and the Department of Criminal Evidence, eyewitnesses have said.

They also said that protesters, who have been demonstrating in the area since Tuesday night, formed committees to secure citizens coming out of government buildings.

Hundreds of protesters flocked to the Interior Ministry, while two armored military vehicles left their positions next to the ministry. More protesters arrived from Mansour, Mohamed Mahmoud and Falaky streets.

The protesters besieged 10 central security trucks from the Refaat Ashour Battalion that were positioned in front of the Justice Ministry and prevented them from moving toward the Interior Ministry. They also prevented Central Security forces from getting out of the trucks.

Al-Masry Al-Youm learned that the Refaat Ashour Battalion is responsible for securing Tora prison, where a number of former officials are incarcerated.


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