Italy: Bullet mailed to politician and former anti-terrorism judge

Rome, 28 June (AKI) – An anonymous envelope containing a bullet and “death sentence” for opposition politician and former anti-terrorism judge Luciano Violante was mailed to Adnkronos news agency on Tuesday.

“We condemn Luciano Violante to death without appeal!” read the note scrawled in blue felt-tip capital letters, to which the bullet was attached with sticky tape..

“He was a target when he was a judge and now he have decided to take him out because he’s conspiring with the rightwing government and (finance minister Giulio) Tremonti,” it said.

Violante, a moderate, was among several centre-left politicians targeted by written threats and a bullet mailed to Adnkronos in early January from putative Italian anarchists.

That letter was signed by the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI), and Italian group which claimed responsibility for a package bomb found outside the Greek embassy and defused on on 27 December 2010. Nobody was injured in the incident. But two parcel bombs at the Chilean and Swiss embassies in the Italian capital on 23 December 2010 seriously injured two people who opened them.

Violante, a former parliament speaker and anti-terrorism judge, is a member of parliament for the centre-left Democratic Party, as is Fassino.

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