Govt closes 11 schools to curb unrest

Eleven schools have been closed due to the unrest in schools across the country. Out of the total, seven are all the secondary schools in the Kgalagadi region, Ministry of Education and Skills Development principal public relations officer (PRO) Nomsa Zuze said in a press statement.

The statement said the seven secondary schools, including Matsha Senior in Kang, Lehututu Junior Secondary in Lehututu and Tsabong Junior Secondary in Tsabong – had to be sent on “an early holiday due to riots by the students. The students were refusing to cooperate with school authorities and refused to go into classes. In the process school property was destroyed as students broke down windows,” the statement said.

Students at Itekeng Secondary School in the Ghanzi region also refused to go into classes, and defiantly tore up letters the school management authorities had given them, asking their parents to come for a meeting.

In the South region, Moeding College (Otse), Molongwa (Khakhea) and Maitebo (Mabutsane) have also been closed.  All schools are expected to close on June 29 for their second-term holiday, and expected to reopen on August 20.


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